Thursday, May 31, 2012

Book love

This book is the most loved book in our house right now. Some would say Stooge has become quite  obsessed with it! It comes in the car, the bed, on the toilet, to the dinner table, up to school, in for kindy news.......nowhere is left out!

It's the 'spot this' variety where it tells you in a little rhyme what you need to find in the picture on that particular page. He loves it. I love that he loves it, I just don't love that he can't read yet! Makes it a little hard to read when driving the car I tell you!

He sits for long periods just staring at a picture, slowly noticing little things hidden and announcing each one as he goes. The excitement he has for this book (again, some would say obsession!) just makes me smile.

Have you ever had a book obsession?
What's the favourite book in your house lately?


  1. Oh isn't he gorgeous! I love when children take a keen interest in books, so important. Both boys seem to like books, though my little one has only recently become really interested in them.
    We love the Hairy Maclary series here, we have almost all of them... not to mention many other classics, like golden books, Where is the green Sheep?, Brown Bear Brown Bear etc... So many lovely ones.
    Very sweet photos xo

  2. i love that he takes it to the loo. at our place it is all about rediscovering our own baby books with the bub. i am particularly liking 'each, peach, pear, plum'. and i can't wait to read all the roald dahl classics with her!

  3. That is really lovely that already your little boy is showing a love for books and reading. We love those look and find books too, I do too actually sitting there searching for the little items. My Miss 8 really loves the series Fairy Realm at the moment, full of unicorns and fairies, very magical. x

  4. so lovely to see such enthusiasm for a book!


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