Monday, September 17, 2012


Why is it some have all - others just get the rest?
Why is it some just cruise through life - others have to struggle to make it through the day?
Why is it some have bodies they choose to abuse - others get bodies that refuse to work?
Why is it some don't have a care in the world - others carry a troubled mind?

Today I farewell one of my closest childhood friends.......

Oh we shared some fun :0),
like painting pictures and selling them to passes by,
like picking flowers from other peoples gardens then selling them back to them as a posie,
like ransacking bags at council clean up time, to see what treasures we could find (best was a whole suitcase full of wigs!)
like climbing trees, only to sit in them and eat packets of stolen jelly crystals from the pantry,
like flying down the flying fox completely out of control only to see who could get the best time,
like walking the hallways of each others house doing foot exercises together, just so we could stay together a little while longer,
like going from house to house, bedroom to bedroom, backyard to backyard playing for hours at a time, doing whatever we liked,
like staying up late while our parents bbq'd together.

Childhood was great!
But things got harder as we grew up.
His mind didn't always work how he wanted it to - his body even less.It was like his own body was trapping him.  It was tough.
Sadly, sometimes things can build up to a point where we feel we can't cope - everyone has a limit - and sadly for him, this was that time.

I will miss you old mate and I hope you find peace. I look forward to the day we can laugh together again xx

Furry Friendships

There can be a bond between an animal and a person that needs no words. A love that is shared between the two that often no body else can understand.

It is that way with my little Rouge and our loved family dog Duke. Duke is a Labrador x Golden Retriever and he is BIG! He is very energetic and some would say dopey, but Rouge and he have a connection. It's amazing to watch them together, her being so small and he being so big.

This is why I think having a pet (of any sort) is so important for childhood. Pets help teach responsibility, limits, boundaries, love and that special ability - unconditional love.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lost socks???

                                                              Where do they go??
                                                               Honestly, Where??

                                                What do you do with your odd socks??
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