Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Upcycle pants # 2!

The cold weather has really crept up on me this year.
Not too sure why, cause we never really had much of a summer, but 7 degrees! Crikey!

Needless to say all the kids clothes are being rotated.
Summer gear away, winter woolies out!
Only thing is I'm not sure where the 'girls size 2 - winter bag' has got too??
Poor thing has no warm pants, leggings, trackies to her name, and I know if I go off and buy more, the bag will pop up! (always happens to me!)

So instead I've been doing a little more UPCYCLING!!
Here's how -

Take one old ribbed woman's top (sportsgirls in thing about 5 years ago!)
Cut off the arms for pant legs, and use the roll neck as the waist band

When you stitch them together, stitch it so the seam is on the outside, then it's hidden when you roll the top down. (sorry pic wouldn't rotate?)

Here's a closer look! See below how the band folds down over!

And that's pretty much it!

Perfect little leggings.

Then with the remaining body of the top, I cut it in half so Bib could have a vest to go over her tops
and I could have a head band :)

 It's hard taking pics of yourself!!

Hope your staying warm xx
Do you upcycle?

p.s Markets were great. No Rain!!! Aprons were a hit too just quietly!


  1. Yay that is so fantastic! i have been meaning to tell you i followed your upcycling pants number 1 instructions to turn the sleeves of my old pajama top into pj pants for bub. They in kind of worked...i didnt do the top very well. i'll post about it soon. x

  2. Cutest leggings ever!
    Go you!


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