Monday, June 4, 2012

Tightly wrapped

With all the birthday parties my tribe get invited to, we would be broke just buying the wrapping paper alone!
So our way to combat this unnecessary expense is to  buy a bolt of white paper from the art store (or Ikea if we happen to be there) and make our own.

It allows my kids to do whatever they like, and personalise each present for their friends.
They love coming up with their own designs.
We also save on cards by simply writing on the present itself. (cause lets face it, cards are only there for the parents sake anyway, plus they're just another thing to end up in the bin)

Sometimes we use colour, paint, stamps, stickers, hama beads, ribbons, glue, even nature to decorate.........endless!

See, now doesn't that look better than any 'bought' paper ever could!

Do you make your own wrapping?
What other ideas do you do to save a buck?


  1. So much better than any bought wrapping paper and I bet she had fun making it too:) I don't buy any fancy paper these days either. I have found some brown recycled paper from Coles and I use that and will tie a bow of twine around it to make it pretty or I will sometimes use yarn as well. As for cards I love to make them and with all my collected supplies it would be naughty if I didn't so there hasn't been any card buying here either for a while. x

  2. my kids make their own wrapping paper too... we make bubble paintings on plain sheets of paper and use those to wrap presents. or we sometimes use newspaper to wrap and magazine cutouts to decorate. doesnt cost an extra pennies.

  3. Do you find the Ikea paper doesnt fold so well? I find it tends to tear at the folds.

  4. I often use brown paper with either coloured wool or ribbon to make it look nice and write on the paper. Either that or I recycle gift bags that are given to us for Birthdays & Christmas.

  5. That looks absolutely gorgeous! So special to receive a present with handmade wrapping, it's a wonderful idea. We haven't ventured into making our own at this stage, but Angus had wrapped my Mother's Day pressie with paper he'd painted at preschool... and I loved it!


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