Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dressed for fun!

Take one .50cent pattern found at salvo's,

One old pillow slip and some fabric remnants from another project,

And you get a fantastic dress ready for fun ,

And action!!

Hope your week is full of fun like ours! xx

What have you unearthed at the thrift store lately??


  1. I am very good at collecting 50c patterns from Vinnies - just not making them! Well done!

  2. How gorgeous! The dress and the little lady wearing it. Clever, creative you!
    I swear my Mama had that pattern when I was a child. Loved seeing that, brought back some very fond memories of watching her sew... and rifling through all her patterns! xo

  3. Very impressive! I've been collecting old stuff to reuse and make something else out of it, but I'm afraid I never get to it. My sawing machine has been lonely and neglected. Mind you , I don;t think I can pull it off with a dress like yours, but there are still lots of things I could make with my limited skills if I give myself half the chance.

  4. I have stacks of those patterns that Im too scared to try! Well done, what a gorgeous dress and your little girl looks gorgeous too!
    I was excited to find a vintage 70's children's sleeping bag today with little girls and boys on it. Will probably be a quilt for extra warmth this Winter! :)


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