Monday, May 21, 2012

Swimmiing For Life

Before Pip and I had even had our kids, we both agreed swimming lessons were going to be an important part of their lives.
I think swimming is so important to a child's development. I believe it gives them self discipline, fitness, strength and an understanding of a greater being other than themselves.

So from  the age of 2 1/2 (when they are allowed to start without having a parent in the pool with them) our children were put into formal swimming lessons.
Bib loves it and is a fantastic swimmer, because she has these wide feet that help power her along I think!
Stooge loves it because he is literally obsessed with water, (he was once found by Pip head first down the toilet just trying to get to the water!) so he is at his happiest when submerged!
And Rouge, while she isn't due to start her formal lessons till Jan, her love for the bath is giving us hope for another lover of swimming.

Australia is surrounded by sea, and with the beach playing such an important part of the Aussie summer season, it really makes sense to teach our kids the skills they need to enjoy it, and enjoy it safely.
According to Royal Life Saving Australia, 315 people drowned in waterways last year.
Pretty scary really.

Is there a skill you believe your children should learn in their childhood?
Do you do swimming lessons?


  1. I absolutely agree! I've always said swimming lessons aren't optional. It's a bit harder for us now we've left Sydney, but we'll be starting lessons again as soon as the weather warms up again.

  2. I agree with you too, learning to swim is very important for any child but especially living in Australia and it is a great way to have fun and stay fit. xx

  3. it seems that we are on the same page here. What a great shot! (but you must have had to get into the water to take that picture?)


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