Thursday, May 10, 2012



Am feeling a little shattered this week.

Hubby away too much,
feeling like I'm flying solo too often

Kids not listening,
feeling like I'm talking to myself

Kicking arse on exercise,
feeling like I could come crashing down

Trying to keep in touch with everyone,
feeling like I'm the only one with a phone

Trying to maintain house,
feeling like I'm picking up the same shit daily

Trying to be positive and encourage,
feeling like a mouse in a cage

Think I need a sleep in and a hug.....bring on mothers day!


  1. i find wearing extremely bright coloured pants really helps give me a boost on flat days. By pants i mean trousers...though i'm sure bright undies would help too. sounds ridiculous but it helps me! you need to make yourself a pair of leggings like Rouge's! i hope tomorrow is happier for you.

    1. Might have to just myslef a pair of those......I can feel a project coming on! Thanks x

  2. Hope you feel better soon. What did you ask for for mother's day? I have requested a sleep-in till 9:30. I have a friend who goes to a hotel alone for mother's day. xx

    1. Now there's an idea!! Although I think the kids would be devastated! Planning brunch, walk, greater family gathering and the mandatory way too much food!! Hope you have a wonderful mothers day x

  3. I can relate to this (except the exercise. Absolutely MUST get some of those endorphins going). One day at a time :-) x


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