Saturday, May 19, 2012

When to sit on your hands!


Have you ever put your hand up for something and thought about it later!
I have!
I put my hand up for the 100km Oxfam walk, (in August), and then the reality of what I had done sunk in!

I'm not fit, I wouldn't say I was a HUGE walker and I have a husband who's away most weeks so 3 kids with me almost every second of every day!!
How on earth am I going to prep for a 100km walk??

Well I am........
I've pulled my finger out and done away with the excuses (lucky because we just went past the '100 days left to train' moment)
I've put in place steps to get me there, people to help  me be accountable and so far it's working.
Pip being away is not an excuse not to walk, because only I will be the one who suffers.

Today, with a massive thanks to my youngest brother who came to look after my tribe of 3, Pip and I were able to head out for a SERIOUS walk. (so serious I'm really quite scared of the 100km now!)
It was great though, it really gave me a chance to see where I need to strengthen, what I need to remember and most importantly that if I put my mind to it, I can do it.

So far my self memo reads:
1. don't wear rings on walk (today I nearly lost circulation from 'fat finger' syndrome)
2. although they were $250 trail walking shoes, doesn't mean they will be good for you
3. never leave without band aids
4. remember to spray aeroguard on my shoes
5. pack a lip gloss
6. take a gatorade or something other than water
7. just take it step at a time

I have a lot  more training to go, but it will be done.
This Oxfam walk is going to happen and when it comes, I'm going to be as ready as I can be!

Have you ever put your hand up for something and thought about it later??
Have you done a massive walk and have some tips for me?


  1. Many a time have I put my hand up and regretted later, But there have been just as many moments where I didn't put my hand up and regretted that even more!

    All the best with your training - I'm super impressed!

  2. I'm 100% certain you will not regret putting your hand up :-)

    And listen to your shoes/feet. For Wildendurance - I ended up persisting with one pair of trail runners that didn't feel right on the long walks. I bought a second pair just before the walk but didn't have time to break them.

    And forget bandaids - get some Compeed blister tape. I tried loads of blister products and its by far the best.

    Enjoy the training :-)

  3. 100km! How long is that going to take (let me take my calculator out and I'll be back). I agree with Tricia, I;m sure it will be well worth it and you'll feel so good about yourself in the end!

  4. While you were out pounding the path, I was practising the 'Support crew' role. I learnt a lot too so I reckon when we compare notes on Sat we will be more than a little prepared. Top walking champ! Sorry about the shoes :-( x

  5. I bet you will look back on this and be super proud of doing this, sometimes the unknown is always a little scary. Goodluck with your training. x


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