Friday, May 25, 2012



Today I had the honor of going to a funeral of a wonderful man.
A man who was cherished by his family, by his friends, and by so many he came in contact with over the years.

He had a hard beginning, but made it his mission to seek out the positive in his life and then the life of others. He worked hard at everything he did, but enjoyed time to adventure and explore.
His family came first and the door was always open.
He revelled in the joys of good company and a good drink.
"Things are always better with a scotch" he said

He was a larakin, a top bloke, a wonderful husband, father and grandfather.
Bless you Philip xx

As I sat in the church listening and watching, it got me thinking what people would say about me at my funeral?
Have you ever wondered what legacy your leaving??


  1. It sounds like he was a great man and he will be missed. My heart goes out to his family.

  2. Best I don't think about it too much I think.

    I spent today growing large blisters on my little toe - ouch!

    I hope you are not feeling too sad x

  3. You have told of a wonderful man, a person to admire. I haven't thought about what people would say I'm hoping it would be nice but it is a reminder to live our lives thoughtfully isn't it. I'm very sorry for your loss. Take care.


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