Sunday, May 13, 2012

Making me smile this week.....

Day late I know, but I was just soooo busy being pampered yesterday (mothers day!)
 I didn't get a chance. Sorry!

Big kids getting creative together

Little kids having space to create themselves

Bit of school baking

Boys concocting something nasty for the girls!! (you don't want to know what was in it!)

Girls helping for 'fire pit friday'

Fresh batch of fruit leathers ready to go (apple/raspberry)

Mothers day freshness

Hope you had a wonderful week x
Any great plans for this week??


  1. Lovely images indeed. Can always count on boys to be scheming up something diabolical, haha!
    Beautiful Mother's Day blooms, hope you had a great one xo

  2. Sounds like lots of fun memories are being created here. What beautiful blooms you got for mother's day, I hope it was a special one. x


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