Friday, May 11, 2012

Bless xx


Oh I love my 3 little peeps!

After having a very blah and overwhelming Thursday,
my beautiful kids made my Friday.

I was woken at 6.30 and told to stay in bed till they come and get me ......easily done!
They then organised themselves to make their own breakfast, empty the dishwasher, re-pack the dishwasher, and bring me breakfast it bed!!!!
I know....... and it's not even mothers day yet!

My breakfast alone made me smile.
An oven tray covered in a cloth napkin,
a bowl with sultana bran and soy milk in it, a whole apple, and the whole 2kg tub of natural yoghurt, should I need a little on my cereal they tell me.

My lesson this week,
just take it slow.
Know that everyday brings something different and to focus on the happy times.

Speaking of happy times,
we then topped off a fab Friday with a beautiful fire with some great friends.
Really, does a day get any better??

Have you learnt anything special this week?


  1. Oh how gorgeous! Bless their little hearts. I can remember loving nothing more than preparing breakfast for my Mama, I'm not sure she enjoyed it quite so much, but probably more the sentiment I think.
    That is the cutest image you've used there, gorgeous! xo

  2. Oh that is so sweet. You deserve it. (Perfectly timed for your blah day on Thursday.)
    Happy Mothers Day for yesterday mama


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