Monday, May 14, 2012

No utensils needed.........

You know those days when you seem to have everything on, well for us that's a Monday!

2 x School drop off, gym, home for nap (Rouges not mine!) change sheets, vacuum and mop,
2 x collect from school, straight to swimming, eat something in car,  drop off to girl guides,
home for bath, pj's on, collect from guides, shower, home readers, bedtime stories, lights out!!

Not exactly sure how it managed to get so manic, and something might have to give soon,
but until then,
I thought instead of trying to also cook a dinner in there somewhere, I'd leave that in the capable  hands of Pip every Sunday afternoon. (He did offer!) 
He came up with sushi! Genius!
(easy, quick, no utensils required and healthy!)

So now, whilst Monday is still a little manic, I now know at least I don't have to think about dinner!!
Your the best Pip x

(don't you just love the little test taster in the background he he)

Do you have a quick easy dinner for your manic days??
How does your manic day play out?


  1. Your little taste tester in the background is very cute there:) Those days are very tiring when you're on the go like that. Monday can be a busy day like that too and Tuesday. For those busy days I have really simple no thinking meals like spaghetti or a slow cooker meal when you throw everything in a don't have to think about it. x

  2. Oh how cute, it looks like she was enjoying it too! How lovely is Pip to do that for you. It sure makes life a little easier for you. xx

  3. A great suggestion. Except for fussy fusspot, we all love sushi. We often do baked beans on toast. I know it isn't strictly healthy, but there are worse things and it sure is quick! x

  4. Monday's are our manic days too. Made all the more manic by Mr FGB not getting home until late. We often have eggs on toast or a jar of pesto through some pasta. I'll need to learn to make sushi I think!


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