Friday, June 15, 2012

Week in review

It's been a quiet old week here at number 32.
Some lovely packages arrived for me from the lovely typically red  and Mama of 2 boys  
..... thank you

We've enjoyed cups of tea and chats with lovely friends (loving our lemon grass right now)

Been enjoying moments of sunshine and beauty,


Playing, singing and crafting at playgroup,
(what do you get when you cross an bat and an owl....a bowel?)

Enjoying some time in the saddle (mud and all!)
Hoping you had a lovely quiet week too x

* sorry, for some reason my links would not work??


  1. Aww my absolute pleasure, glad it arrived safely!
    Sounds like a good week, quiet ones are the best if you ask me.
    What a shame your pics didn't come out... I'll just have to use my imagination xo

  2. I love packages arriving at my door (who doesn't?)! I wish I could see the rest of your photos, only the first two load.

  3. Yay! I was just wondering yesterday if you'd received the book! Hope you love it. Looking forward to seeing your first tea cosy on the blog soon - seriously! ;)

  4. I love getting happy mail in the post, congratulations on two lovely blog wins:) Enjoy creating with your new book. x


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