Thursday, June 28, 2012

Matching please??

So yesterday was our first 'official' day of being in quarantine. (Rouge and I have whooping cough!)
Knowing that we weren't going anywhere and were unable to entertain anyone (should we have a pop in) we all decided to stay in our pj's for the day. It's something I very rarely do, but it is so nice to know your comfy, warm and nobody is there to care what you look like.
So you could say it was a lazy old day.

That was until the kids decided it was time for me to deliver the all promised pj's for them!
The fabric had been sitting in my sewing room for sometime and with a print that can cross the genders they were all happy and eager to be 'matching' (said by all with many giggles) before Dad got pressure!!

So while Rouge slept, and the older 2 watched Mary Poppins I sewed to my hearts content! Pants complete and with a matching top each, (girls chose to have a flower, Stooge chose a rectangle lol) they were thrilled.

Bath time was rushed as they were so eager to 'be matching' and the excitement waiting for Dad to come home (who I might add was pre warned to be as overly excited as they were) was just a classic to watch........who would have thought at 7years, 4 and 2 you could get so excited about matching pj's!!
(Might add here that they now want Dad and I to have a pair each too! Pity I ran out of fabric!!)

Have you ever sewed under pressure?
Do you dress your kids the me??


  1. Those matching pi's look awesome! I have sewed on numerous occasions under pressure, but mostly I do it when I have time. Love the fabric :)

  2. Love the PJs! The only matchy-matchy I tolerate at our place is PJs. There is something uber-cute about them. But ours have never been hand made. You are the cleverest clog I know x

  3. haha! how cute. they look so excited. We're in quarantine too...this time gastro! woohoo! but there's zero chance of me sewing matching pjs. instead i am baking anything and everything.

  4. oh how cute do they look. No wonder they were excited. I would have been too!
    Now seriously, I think you need to find some more material and get sewing two more sets.

    Also sending a big dose of healthy fairy dust to you all. A tick AND whooping cough is no fun at all.

  5. Oh they're gorgeous PJ's, you clever lady! Such a cute photo, your littlies are adorable. And have to say, I love nothing more than having spare time to sew, it is so relaxing and fulfilling at the same time xo


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