Monday, June 18, 2012

To Market, To Market.....

I've been very busy of late sewing up a storm.
I've put my hand up to hold a stall at the local creative markets in my area. I've been cutting, creating, and sewing, sewing, sewing to ensure I have enough 'stock'. You  never can tell how the day will pan out till it's over. Some days you sell heaps of one thing and not others and vice versa other days, so it's nice to be ready!

Here's a little look see at some of the fav's....

Upcycled wool blanket/vintage Capes, sizes 2-5
(button yet to be put on!)

Stuffed toy Elephant and matching washer set

String of birds
(handmade using felt and fabric with each bird/string being different)

'Tooth Man'
(boys don't like fairies!)


Pencil Rolls

Hoping the sun keeps shining (have the worst luck with weather and markets) and lots of people are out and about!
Now where did I put those scissors???????

Do you support handmade?
What do you look for when you go to the markets?


  1. Oh all this looks amazing! You are so so clever, must feel awesome to have created such a wide variety of goodies. I actually love sewing, I'm doing a bit of hand sewing at the moment, in the hope to get a little collection going. Best of luck with your stall at the markets xo

  2. Hand made rocks. I'll always support hand made over bought stuff with a made in china tag.
    Gorgeous market goodies. I hope you sell lots!

  3. All your work is just so terrific. I particularly love the capes. x

  4. You have been so busy sewing and have created so many wonderful items. I hope it all sold well for you I imagine those capes will be a hit with the cooler weather we are having. I absolutely love handmade markets. I don't look for anything in particular it just depends on if I have a gift to buy at the time and then I'll search for that particular person. x

  5. Those capes are just gorgeous. Clever girl! Hope the stall went well.

  6. Wow! Great work, I love everything! How did it go? Do you have any elephant sets left by any chance?
    I prefer handmade (or upcycled) for The Munchkin and myself. At the moment I am searching for special things for a friend wee baby girl, any excuse haha :)
    Ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following! So glad to "meet" you :)

  7. have finally done a little post about my gorgeous pink elephant :)


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