Wednesday, June 27, 2012

If it doesn't rain it pours....



Last week we had Stooge back and forth from the Dr's and hospital suffering Tick Peralysis.
Ticks for us are not uncommon. We are on the fringe of bushland in sydney and do alot of bush walking, tree climbing and general backyard adventuring. So ticks are treated with a slightly nonchalant nature - find it, get it out, apply tea tree to afflicted area and off you go again.

This time however, 24 hours after I removed his tick, Stooge got a VERY swollen neck. He wasn't in pain from it, however it was red, itchy and he had that 'rugby back rower' look about him, where his neck was one with his head. So off we went to the Dr's.

Many trips back and forth, blood tests, drugs and second opions (requested by the Dr not us!) the tick poison was still travelling. It was now making his underarm swell and half of his torso.......more drugs given, creams applied, ice packs prepped.....poor guy :(
Needless to say it has not been an easy week but we are happy to say our Stooge is almost back to his normal, full pelt self!

Here's were I wish I could end this post!

Only I can't.....
This week finds little Rouge and myself with Whooping cough.....SERIOUSLY!!
Whooping cough involves a very yucky tasting medicine twice a day, incubation of 5 days (who has time for that with 3 kids??) and restless nights spent coughing and breathlessness.
I hope this illness phase passes quickly, and Rouge and I are back in fine form quickly (without passing it on to anyone else)

Afterall it's school holidays in 2 days.....I haven't got time for sickness!!

Hoping your having a healthier week than us!!
Hug your loved ones tight xx


  1. Oh no that's awful all of the sicknesses going on in your house. I would be frightened about the tick I'm glad to hear that all is well and your boy is back to his normal self. I hope you and your little one get better soon, whooping cough sounds really horrible. It sounds like holidays might have to start early for all of you. Rest up and take care. xx

  2. What a big bummer! Sorry to hear you've had such a run of bad luck health wise. Hope you're all fighting fit for the holidays. This time of year just breeds health issues in my opinion xo

  3. Love the picture, I think that's how I've been feeling everyday lately :) Hope you get to do just that and you all recover quickly!


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