Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cubby Time!

Do you do cubbies in your house?? Here, we do LOADS of them!

I love that cubbies come from their own imagination, require them all to work together, gives them a place to make their own, and more often than not it keeps them busy and imagining for LONG periods of time. I love too, that when they are in their cubby they think because they can't see us, we can't see or hear them!

However, I have to childrens love for cubbies can sometimes drive me insane! They involve every blanket, sheet, pillow and teddy in the house to be pulled out, dragged along or reefed from a nice neat place! The prefered place of said cubby is under the dining table, so we then can't use the table for anything else until cubby time is over. Then once they are finshed, the task of 'cleaning up' is somewhat overwhelming when they look at all that has made it's way to they're super cool cubby, so packing away is usually done by me!

So I had an idea......
Why not sew up a 'cubby' that they can simply pull out whenever they like and it's already done. It does still involve the dining table, but it is quick, easy and the best thing is, they can do it all themselves. Everyones a winner!!

All you need to do is measure up your table and sew up a top, two sides, and two entrances. You can make it as fancy or simple as you like. I used old sheeting from my stash, but you can use whatever you like. I made flap style entrances at both ends so it's easy for them to get in and out but once in they still get that feeling of privacy. I am going to put windows in on one side but that involved a little more time that frankly the kids didn't have time for......eager to get under it! So that's a job for another day.

 Already we've used it everyday, and no doubt with the holidays upon us it will be used alot more......who know's.....may even get slept in too!

Where's the favourite cubby spot att your house?
Would you make up a premade cubby for your table??


  1. Cubby's are awesome, though we have never had one that looks as good as this. Clever you making that up. Unfortunately it wouldn't work with our dining table, as it has a big stand in the middle of it! Lovely pics of your little ones enjoying themselves xo

  2. Would it be wrong to make this for myself?

  3. Cubby's are a huge hit in our little home. Expecially with our littlest Bloss. I love the dining table pre-made little home. What a wonderful space for imaginations to run wild.


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