Saturday, June 9, 2012

Name in Print

There's something special about seeing your name in print.
 It doesn't matter if it's not actually YOU, you still get that little feeling that it could possibly be you!

I remember my older brother had a book which was specially made for him, and it had his name, address, the name of a few of his friends and of course me all written into the story. I remember loving hearing this book read to us. I know you can still get them made, and yet it's one of those things on my list of to do's for my kids, that hasn't actually happened yet (I know, your surprised!)

So when I came across this book.........well I was sold!
 It's not only about a Phoebe, but it is such a beautifully written story, has wonderfully colourful pictures and the underlying story is that you are perfect exactly as you are. It doesn't get any better!

 (Phoebes not happy with her looks)
 (so she chooses from many accessories to help make her more attractive)
 (Phoebe realises it's not looks people are after in a friend)
(She just needed to find someone like her)

We have collected many stories in our travels that have our kids name in them, and it not only puts a smile on my face but the kids as well.

Have you seen your name in print?
Did you ever have a story about you?


  1. We have that book at home too- it's so cute xx

  2. I'll have to look out for that book. I like Rod Clement.

    1. for some reason the only way i can comment is by replying to an existing comment! just wanted to say i love that book, and that growing up with one of the most popular names of our generation i had a few books with my name in them. Sadly we have chosen an obscure irish name (well it's not obscure in ireland but...we don't live in ireland) for squish so i don't like her chances. x


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