Monday, July 2, 2012

Enjoyment of Freedom

We're out!
Quarantine is over, and just in time for the first official day of the holidays!
To celebrate, we headed out to somewhere we love, to get some air, some fun and some adventure.

Looking forward to the next 2 weeks of fun....oh I have so much planned!!

Happy week to you all xx


  1. Yay you! Take it slowly my dear. There is much walking to be done in the next couple of months and you need good lungs. Love that spot too x

  2. I haven't been there since I was a kid! Looks like you had fun

  3. Gorgeous, action-packed photos! xo

  4. Oh, lordy! I just read back - whooping cough! So glad everyone is OK. x

  5. Oh yeah I bet you all feel good to get outside and enjoy the start of the holidays all feeling a lot better. It looks like a fun spot to take the children and discover cool little creatures along the way. x

  6. I absolutely love school holidays! I love the lack of routing, and having both my kids with me and there just seems to be so much time for everything when you don't have to be anywhere.


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