Monday, April 30, 2012

Water wise?


We hear so often now, how we need to be water wise.

Have short showers, wash your cars over grass, only water your garden at dawn and dusk, buy water wise washers, shower heads
etc etc etc etc etc........

In our house we have
3 kids
2 adults
1 dog,
1 chook, and one huge fish tank
and according to our Energy Australia bill,
our house hold is eligible for 645  L/day to be classified water wise......


How then are we as a family only using 340 L/day??
I mean, we do try, but there is certainly a lot room for improvement (we don't even have a water tank!). I mean, we have a front loader, we have 'normal' length showers, our kids bath together, but most houses do that.....don't they?

I don't get it.....I've gone back over past bills and whilst we are, as a family doing so much better than we ever were, we were in the past, still under the 645 L/day allowance.......and that's when there was no such thing as water wise!

Where do they get their figures, who comes up with this data??? 

Anyway......I've set us a new challenge now that the figures are bill we have to beat it!

Do you know your figures? What do you do to keep your water bill down??


  1. I think they average it at 155 litres per person per day, which seems excessive to me. I found the best way to cut down on showers is by having a toddler! I'll be in there no more than 30 seconds before she's screaming at the door! :)

  2. I have often thought the exact same thing! There is no incentive at all to be water wise. I like your challenge - all the best!

  3. I haven't looked into it, but... it does sound a bit strange. Good luck with your challenge!


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