Monday, April 2, 2012


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Just yesterday I was reading over my 2012 'wish list' and it occurred to me that whilst I'm doing OK on my goals, there is one that hasn't come to any fruition yet ...... despite it being April already!

Yes, Date Night!
I decided as parents of 3, we really need to make time for ourselves to just reconnect and enjoy the simpleness of being together like the good old days.
My goal was to have 2 nights out a month where just Pip and I could hold a conversation, go for a walk, eat a meal, see a movie, meet up with friends, see a band ......whatever it was we felt like.......without the company of the kids.

But not yet once has this happened!
Well I tell you now (and it's written in blog now so it must be done), I am committed to making it happen!
It has to happen, I need it to happen!

I was thinking a paid babysitter once a month (think I'll pick a regular night just after pay day!) and a friend sit/swap the other night, that way costs stay down and it opens the door for my friends to also go out (best thing about sit/swap!)

So look out town, I'm committed! It's a date!

Do you do 'date night'? How do you keep costs low?

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  1. We have a fairly regular date night once a month just after hubby gets paid too it's a nice idea to have a bit of time to just be together without children. We keep things fairly simple and just go out for lunch usually, go for a walk somewhere nice nothing fancy just being together is nice.


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