Saturday, April 21, 2012


Big things happened in our house this week!

1. Our 'big' girl turned 7!

Very exciting!!! (although I'm still trying to figure out where the hell the time went!)

So for Bib's 7th birthday, we decided she should have a room all to herself!
This meant Rouge was being outed from the nursery and a big make over was needed.....

We shipped her to a friends house for a 'play' so we could make it a big surprise.
It was a busy day, but so so worth it.
She was thrilled she started to cry! Bless xx

(Yes, I made the donna cover, pillow slips and covered the chair all to match. I also made the birds, the circle bunting, princess canopy and the "P" button canvas too......)

2. Our 'little' girl transitioned into a 'big bed'

Oh she was so excited :)
Up until now she's been in a cot in her own room, so the excitement of moving into a 'big girl bed' and having a room mate was almost too much!

She looked so little in the bed, but so so cute :)

Hoping your having a wonderful week like us xx


  1. Fabulous! Miss2 has just had the rails taken off her cot and is loving her junior bed! You've inspired me to give her a room a few more girly touches too. There's something magical about kids bedrooms.

    1. agree being able to go over the top too!!. A girl can never have too much!!!! lol

  2. Happy Birthday to your big girl!

  3. The place looks fantastic! I can't believe Rouge is out of the cot. No nappies. No cot. No babies at Number 32 anymore :-) x

    1. I know....a little sad whilst overjoyed at the same time!

  4. Oh and happy birthday to your big girl x

  5. Al the things you have made look amazing - I particularly love the birds. gorgeous!


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