Sunday, April 29, 2012

Frugal mits!

So if you haven't figured it already,
I'm a big fan of frugality!

I find here at number 32, we either have something that was old, torn, meant for the bin etc, and I try to think of another life for it,
we have a problem that needs a solution and we go from there....

 Frugality (is that even a word) allows the imagination to run a little free and it's amazing what you can come up with!

So the other day after wash hair night all came to a head!
I said, 'Bib can you dry your hair"
She then went into fits saying how hard it was, how she couldn't hold the towel enough, her hands are too small, how she hates all the knots that come after she tries........

this got me thinking, what can I do/make to ease this HUGE dilemma!!

The towel mit!! 

Here's what I did.......

grab an old towel and fold towel in half, using hand as size guide

Cut around for mit shape

Stitch up leaving bottom open, using zigzag stitch (no need to overlock then)
I also added a folded ribbon to be able to hang later

Done! (I made two, one for each hand!)

Now she can dry her hair without so much as a knot, tear or conniption.

Have you made something handy just by being frugal??


  1. Genius!! You could even use them as beanies which could do the same job!

  2. That is one very clever and frugal idea!


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