Thursday, April 26, 2012

Making me smile this week......

Tooth fairy strikes again!

Remaining 2 bunnies no one can bring themselves to eat!

Stooge being my waiter for the day!

Cubbies under the dinning table......hours of fun!

Whats made you smile this week??


  1. What a fun week, I used to love making cubbies under the table and so did my son! Have a great weekend. xx

  2. My son has been asking about the tooth fairy. He even suggested that he could break a tooth so that she could come sooner... It doesn't work this way, she will come when it's time and not any earlier!

  3. Oh I could you use a waiter! I wonder if my Monkey Boy would go for that :-)

  4. The tooth fairy has been busy in our little home as well.
    making me smile this week.... kites flying in the breeze, autumn leaves and a little lady getting her very first 'student of the week'.

    Thanks for popping by my way. Love that you have now introduced me to this lovely space.

    p.s - your letter box makes me smile.

    xox Kellie.

    1. Oh yay, for student of the week.....Congratulations!


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