Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blessed rain


This morning we woke to the sound of torrential rain!
Oh, I do love a good rain storm :)
I could hear the kids wake and make their way to the lounge only the hear the panic and concern when they realised the TV wasn't working!

WHAT!! The TV doesn't work?
How is that possible?
'Now what are we going to do' I hear Stooge ask!

Bib comes up with the DVD option!
The big discussion then moves to what DVD should be chosen?
Oh the choices! More discussion!

Can't be too girly, can't be one we've seen, can't be an old one (not sure what that meant!) and I don't want a singing one says Stooge!
Rouge is waiting patiently on the lounge under her blanket

After much bribing later (Bib loving the power her lolly filled showbag has)
My Little Pony was chosen!
(not girly at all hehe)

I swagger out after about 15 min of quiet concentration and there they all are nuzzled up on the lounge together, under their crochet enjoying the joys of My Little Pony!
Oh, I do love a good rain storm!!

Hope your dry and safe and enjoying like us x

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  1. we had similar bucket-loads fall - it was beautiful to watch. and now the sun is out - perfect x

  2. the sun is just peaking out for us now. I hope it stays, two days inside is enough for us I think... although we didn't have My Little Pony to see us through.

  3. I love a good storm too, cuddling under a blanket feeling nice and safe. Sounds like a nice relaxing way to start the morning. x


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