Monday, April 23, 2012

One handed lunch!

Our next door neighbours have just had
identical girl triplets!!!!

Can you imagine??
I only need to think back to how I was bringing home Bib,
let alone 3 of her!

They are so so cute and I know it goes with the name........
but they really are amazingly identical!
(they each have a different coloured nail polish on their toes to make it easier!)

So to help out and lighten the load a little,
I've been cooking up a storm!

Thought I'd share these fantastically easy quiches with you.
I make them a lot these days for lunch boxes,
picnics, parties, and well.......anything in between.....
we love them. cut a slice of puff pastry into 4 and place them quarter into a pre srayed muffin tin

Second step.....whip up your egg mixture. (I've got egg, cream, zucchini, tomato, corn, bacon, parsley
salt, pepper, capsicum and cheese in this batch)

Third step......scoop your mixture into the prepared puff pastry muffin tin

Forth step..... put into oven until golden brown 

They go well with a salad, are perfect for freezing for another day
perfect to eat with one hand when all other are being used!

Enjoy x


  1. Oh wow 3 little babies she will be one busy lady and I can only imagine how grateful she was to be given a helping hand with your bringing around that delicious cooking. x

  2. Oh these look just delicious! And what a lovely neighbour you are to make some meals, I am sure it was thoroughly appreciated.
    I can't imagine having triplets either... though I'd love all those wee baby cuddles... the enormity of how much work it would require is just mind-boggling.
    Thank you for your comments on my blog, great to find you and look forward to following along with your adventures.

  3. You are good! That is exactly what a new mum needs. I got a bit faint at the mention of triplets there. Whoa...


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