Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Gifts....

Yesterday I went to my cousins baby shower and given that this is our year of giving 'homemade gifts only', I got busy and started sewing!!
Firstly I made a floor rug that doubles as a drawstring bag (bushman's style). I thought this would be really handy for mothers group and taking to the park, but also because she lives in the Southern Highlands she'd be able to load up lots of stuff and bring it all down easily when she comes into the city! Handy?

Secondly, I made a little onesie for bub to wear. I thought an elephant was fairly baby neutral (they don't know what their having)

Third pressie made was a little giraffe toy. How cute is he!! I saw the fabric in the craft shop and just knew it had to be turned into a baby toy........I think he's too cute. (think I'll be making many more of these, just quietly!)

And fourthly, what baby isn't complete without it's own new bib! Again, tried to do the neutral baby thing! (photo won't rotate for some reason! sorry)

Can't wait to see what she has.......then I can get making with the 'coloured' stuff!!

Do you remember your baby shower? Whats the best gift you ever received?

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