Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boys away, girls can play!

As much as we love our Stooge, there are just some things that are better done without him! (poor fella!)

Beading is one of them :)

So this morning after preschool drop off,
We headed out to a beading warehouse (oh how I wish I'd taken a photo!) and $120 later (what the!!)  came home to bead away with our loot!

Charm bracelet's, door hangers, bracelets, necklaces...........

Special time with my big girl just chatting together, threading and enjoying some quiet time threading
Oh, I love school holidays.

What have you been up too?


  1. I think it's really special to have that one on one time with each of your children and beading is so much fun to do together, just the girls:) And some gorgeous creations you've made there. My girls are both back at school today so it was back to the routine for us. x

  2. $120! That's a lot of beads. They should last you for a while. Love the window decoration!


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