Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A - Z. A bit about Me......

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Following along with Lemon Rhodes and Honey and Fizz, thought I'd do this little quiz!

A.  Age
B.  Bed Size
With 3 kids to cuddle it had to be a king!
C. Chore that you hate
Poop patrol (big dog = big poos!)
D. Dogs
Duke...big lab x retriever
E. Essential start to your day
Kisses from everyone then coffee and toast
F. Favourite Colour
Rainbow of course
G. Gold or silver
Rose gold is my favourite (wedding ring) but I generally wear silver
H. Height
175 cm or 5'9
I. Instruments you play
Hopefully African drums well by the end of this year
J. Job Title
domestic goddess!
K. Kids
3, girl, boy, girl
L. Live
M. Mothers name
Louisa (also my daughters middle name)
N. Nicknames
Buxy (one of those stupid things your siblings make up and then sticks!)
O. Overnight stays in hospital
Too many to mention....courtesy of ovarian cysts!
P. Pet peeves
arrogance and food wastage
Q. Quote from a movie
"this is my dance space.......I don't go into yours and you don't go into mine" - Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing xx
R. Right hand or Left hand
S. Siblings
I'm the second of 5 (boy, girl, boy, boy, girl)
T. Time you wake up
When I hear "muuuuuummmmmmmm' coming from the cot!
U. Underwear
Fresh daily of course
V. Vegie you hate
um..... can't think of one?
W. What makes you run late?
Too organised to be late (some would say anal!)
X. Xrays you've had
Best one is where you see the wing nut I swallowed off my cot aged 15months!
Y. Yummy food that you make
Just asked the kids.....they said "everything".....aawwww!
Z. Zoo animals
Hippos hands down.

Care to join in the fun? Tell us about you :)

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