Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Colour me pretty ......

I've always been a lover of bright, bold colours.
It can be in the environment, on my plate, in clothing or around my house, but I LOVE colour!
I am always amazed too at just how colourful our world is. The great outdoors provides us with an awsome colour palet, and you don't even have to go far!

I think in a way, my love for colour could be why I'm so drawn to textiles. Their range of colours and patterns plus their textures just lure me in! (could be why I have suitcases full of fabric bought over the years)

So when I say I'm thrilled my kids love colour and creativity and all things crafty would be an understatement! Together we do lots of little crafts, ranging from wood, wool, fabric, beads, food ....... anything really. They love being involved and then displaying their creations around the house or in the garden for all to admire.

As a result our house, I think, has a little hippy feel to it. Random colourful, arty things hanging at the front door, in door ways, in trees and any spot we think needs a little colour.
And although I know we need to do more around the house, I love what we've created so far, and I love seeing all our colourful crafts/arts brightening up our lil old home.

Do you like colour? How do you brighten up your home?? Have you got some special crafts your kids love displaying?

1 comment:

  1. How cool are the pom poms hanging!? I would have to say that my house looks exactly like your house - a bit arty and cluttery because I cannot resist my children's love of art!

    We need to be doing more with wool...



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