Thursday, February 9, 2012

Man down .....


Poor Stooge has the worst case of croup he's ever had, and I tell you at aged 4 it's a shocker!

Last night was a VERY long night for all. He had a temp for the entire night with it reaching a top of 42 degrees (and according to the emergency department of our local hospital, this doesn't warrant a trip to emergency provided he has panadol and nurofen on board!) so between sweating it out, shivering it up or coughing it up ALL night.......we are now feeling wrecked!

His throat is sooo sore and dry from all the coughing, so I get out the humidifier to add some relief, only it appears to make it worse.......
I just hate when we have 'one man down', because most of the time you can't make them any better any quicker, and they simply don't understand why they feel so crap.

So as you may have guessed, I have a wonderful day planned of sitting on the couch and catching up on cuddles, books, a movie or two and hopefully some well earned rest!!

Our beautiful neighbour heard of our  'man down' and brought over some lovely dominoes she thought we might like to borrow . He has  really enjoyed playing with these (while the medicine appears to have 'kicked in')  and it has added a nice relief to what could feel like a day of cabin fever for the little Rouge.

Hang in there Stooge, the house is just not the same when you aren't firing with all cannons x

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