Monday, February 6, 2012

Cushions of love!

I have a somewhat growing pile of clothes that no longer work as the were intended, but are too precious to place in the rag bag.
You know the ones that the kids have outgrown but you love, or the shirt bought whilst honeymooning in Tahiti!! Well I've found a use for them and wanted to share!

I've been turning them into cushions!
It's so so easy, you don't even need zips!

Here's how I did ours:
1. Do up all the buttons in the front of the shirt and turn your desired shirt inside out and lay flat. Place your pillow on top with the buttons in the center, to create the right size cushion and cut to size.

2. Pin the two pieces together and sew up all four sides of the shirt (it will look like below)

3. Simply undo the buttons and turn in the right way and place your cushion inside. Once in, you can the do up the buttons again and woohoo.....your done!

I like the buttons to be at the front because you get the shirt pocket detail too, plus it adds to the story I think! This was actually a shirt of Pips that he no longer wears but we both love and are reminded of younger days!!

If you have something you want to turn into a cushion that isn't a shirt you can still use the no zip idea, but use instead the envelope method of closing (where the two layer overlap each other). Like the picture's an old sarong of my aunts that I've always loved and she was about to turf!

                                        (back view, inside out to show you envelope method)

                                                   (front of cushion showing pattern)

The idea is that I'll create a usable picture if you like, of our years through life. Each cushion will tell its own story and mean something to us as a family. Currently I'm sewing up Bibs first school uniform (that she managed to rip whilst scaling the school fence!)  to add to the pillow pile (I know I could have patched it, but i wanted one to keep anyway!)

Perhaps you have a few garments worth conversion?? Or have you got a way of keeping special pieces you can't manage to depart with you could share??

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  1. Now if only I could sew...

    You are such a clever clog. Upcycling at its best! x


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