Monday, February 20, 2012

The dreaded Itch!

sometimes i get bored
                              (image from weheartit)
Been a little busy this week.....................
Currently our house is plagued by the dreaded head lice........I loath these buggers. (I ask you what their purpose on the planet is, cause as far as I can tell it's only to anoy every parent of a school aged child!)

Originally brough home from school and thoughtfully shared amoungst siblings, and kindly onto me too......
We have been donning the green cap, washing and rewashing EVERYTHING, and tenderly combing our hair everynight to ensure there are no more!

Problem is, once you start talking about them or thinking about them, you just start to feel itchy (like now!!)
Taking comfort from the knowledge that they like clean hair!

How has your week been?? Any hints on keeping nits at bay??


  1. We've had three outbreaks in a year and I always fare worst! My friend with school-age kids swears by sending them off each morning with a diluted tea-tree oil sprayed on their heads. I take comfort in the fact they can't survive off the human head (so no need to disinfect the whole house...which is my instinct...)


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