Sunday, February 5, 2012

Peace maker???


Why do we always put such unnecessary pressure on ourselves?

Constantly we're thinking and quietly beating ourselves up over silly things like, what we are eating, how much exercise we're getting, are we being eco enough, have we made the right choice for our kids etc etc.

I popped over to my mums this morning for a quick cuppa and to let Rouge have a cuddle and a general 'say hi' without the older two getting all the attention, when I get hit with all these questions that are on her mind/conscience.

If I am bad at putting pressure on myself, I got it from her I think.....she is the worst. Poor mum is constantly trying to make sure the waters are kept calm, make sure every ones noses are 'siting right' and unfortunately this is her down fall.

It's my sisters 21st coming up and a big party is being planned, so of course the worry right now is who to invite. You know how it goes......'if we invite him but not her will that be a problem, or if we invite 'them', then shouldn't we invite 'them' cause we've known them longer......blah blah blah.
{She is the 'peace maker' in our house, but unfortunately she also internalises a lot of this 'pressure' to which her body then throws back her in the form of fatigue or illness.}

I say who cares! If you don't want someone at your party for whatever reason then surely you have the right to make that decision without having to give it too much more thought, let alone loose night sleep over it?

If someone is going to get hurt by a decision you make then that's different, but if we are making our decisions based on keeping someone else 'happy' then surely you've lost the point??
I truly believe we have enough issues within ourselves to be worrying about without the need to add the extra pressure about someones else??

Perhaps, I'm being selfish?? What are your thoughts? Are you a 'peace maker'?

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  1. We used to have all those 'If we invite them, we should also invite them' discussions about my kids birthdays. Personally I agree with you that it's not that important, but there are people out there that stop talking to each other over it. It's great now that the kids are a little bit older and we just let them decide who they want to invite.


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