Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Market Fun......

                                                   (shot of the rain over our 'backyard')

Well, we did it!
Rain, hail or shine this market was going to be taking place, so of course, my luck, it rained AND hailed just at starting time!!!
Luckily for all, a decision was made about 15mins before the hail hit, that the clouds were moving in alot faster then we liked and perhaps we should all move we did and were all able to get our stalls moved inside and out of the rain just in time! Thank goodness! Honestly though, these things always seem to happen to me! I choose a date knowing its the beginning of summer and yet the rain still shows up! Surely it's not just me??

Never mind........we had a ball! I think it was a great success despite the rain!
We had a total of 10 stalls from local artists/craftsman and although we didn't get the expected number of people through that we first anticipated, for a freezing cold, rainy old day.......we did well :)  Even the sausage sizzle did well (although my garage now smells like one big sausage....we ran our of room in the house!)

I found it interesting seeing what people bought and were after. This time of year brings the need to look for Christmas presents, and budgets often dictate what we buy, so for that reason, we all tried to have some things that really weren't expensive. Stocking fillers you could say! And its those said items that really seemed to do well. Not sure whether it tells a sign of the times or whether this is what people go to markets expecting to pay?

Anyway, over all it was great fun and well worth the effort. I made a tidy profit and although my house was a little trampled by the end of the afternoon, the knowledge that local handmade crafts have been supported and purchased for Christmas presents this year is enough. Its very humbling to see just how talented some folk are out there, and I'm saddened to think these skills are being lost because chain stores get bigger and easier to purchase from........ despite the fact we know the product/toy won't last long or is even made in our own country.
So rest assured we will be holding another one next year......bigger, better and drier I hope!!

Have you thought about buying local this year, or giving something you've perhaps made yourself??

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