Thursday, December 15, 2011



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I find the concept of 'time' still evades me to this day!

One day I find myselves in what seems like the longest day in history, yet the 365 days which make up the year have gone by so fast.....where at xmas next week!!

This thought of time has been on my mind so much recently. My biggest baby girl, Bib, has her last day of kindergarten today and yet it seems like only yesterday we were taking photos to capture the momentous occasion! She's had a fabulous year making new friends and learning so much it's overwhelming to think about, but now she's "finished with the baby stuff and onto the hard stuff" she tells me! (not sure year one is going to be the hardest challenge she'll face in life, but it's all relative lol)

So these are my questions.....why do some days go slow and some fast. Where does the time go when it flys by and how can we slow what precious time we do have down?? I'm so eager to discover the answers before my three grow up (to fast of course!) and my aim is to question others to find out their thoughts on the topic. Have you any theories yourself??

Will try and keep you posted.......before I run out of time!

Reasearch so far has given me,
1. Time flies when your busy and enjoying yourself
2. Savour our time and spend time enjoying the things we love with the ones we love and it seems to slow down
3. take a moment to see what is really happening in front of you, allow yourself to stop

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