Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Market Fun......

So it appears that not only do I love a challenge, but it seems I love to challenge myself!
As if I haven't got enough to do this close to Christmas, I've thrown in a blog now too and if that's not enough to keep my mind busy......I thought I'd host a 'backyard market'  this sunday to top it all off!

Although my time is not really my own right now, I'd be lying if I didn't say I was having fun!

Getting stuck into the garden in preparation has given Pip and I the surge we needed to finally give our renovated home the final push to make it complete.....only taken about six years! We've been clearing, planting, using fun tools like the drop saw and nail gun, and I have to say it's looking good (although if the damn bush mice would get out of our veggie patch so it could thrive again, I'd be a lot happier........any suggestions?)
I've been crafting (details on what later) conversing with MANY local craftsman in our area and walking the streets delivering flyers........with the help of three little munchkins! It's been pretty time consuming, but with all the support behind the day, we're so hopeful it will be worth while!

Why a backyard market I hear you say........Well its been on my mind for a while, figuring out how I can  encourage people to think local. Help people become aware of how many talented craftsman we have in our area (even I've been surprised!) and just think about alternative gift ideas this Christmas that doesn't  involve plastic/mass produced goods, that to be honest usually come from other countries.

Then I stumbled upon this post by Frog, Goose and Bear that described a market she attended which sounded similar to what I had in my mind, so this gave me the courage to know I can do it............
So we have a nice range of craft stalls being held. We'll have a potter, two different types of jewellery, a wood turner, hand bags, kids clothes, beautiful foods perfect for xmas indulgence, handicrafts by a teenager up the road, local honey and me with my.......array of crafts (not really sure what category I go under hehe).There is even going to be a sausage sizzle thanks to the skills of Pip!!
There has been a lot more interest in stall holders but I think with the date I've set being the first weekend in December, people start getting busy, so many couldn't join this time round. Note: late November appears a better time if you thinking of holding your own.

Have to say I'm feeling a little nervous right now, just thinking of the chance of rain and thinking we could have these beautiful crafts out and ready for viewing, but nobody will come! Only time will tell I guess........so watch this space!

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