Saturday, December 10, 2011

Xmas Gatherings.....

Today I enjoyed a beautiful day, spent with the girls (aunts, cousins, siblings etc) of my extended family. To me, theres nothing more special than sitting down with the people closest to you and reminiscing about years gone by and dreams that lay ahead.


As a children, we grew up with very strong patriarchal grandparents. They were the pivotal couple in our whole family and everyday are so sadly missed by all. They kept our family close and by taking us all away for an amazing holiday to the most magical tropical island just off the coast of Australia, they provided us with the most amazing gift of friendship and camaraderie within our family.

It was a special time where we swam, fished, laughed, rode bikes and grew up all together. And since our grandparents passing we have all dreamt of ways to keep up our closeness and special bonds. It gets hard when we grow up and move away and start families of our own. Finding that time that friendships need to continue to grow can be hard........but soooooo worth it.

Thus the 'girly' Christmas drinks was formed. .............It hasn't been going for as long as our grandparents have been departed, but for the past 5 or so years, that feeling of belonging and family unity is being recreated by the giving of small gifts, beautiful food, sharing a glass of champagne and toasting to the simple, fun and good old times.

I'm so grateful for my 'girly' family times. I'm hopeful that our new found tradition continues forever and that my kids get to have that feeling of belonging and unity with many memories created that they too will be able to laugh about in their happy years ahead.

I'd love to know how others keep that family closeness alive and maintained despite the crazy days we find our lives heading down.

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