Monday, December 19, 2011


Oh so pictures!

Travelling in the car with Stooge the other day (he has a knack of asking questions out of the blue, especially in the seems to be his pondering spot!) he goes......."mum, why do we have to say thankyou". Its these questions that you know they'll ask and I should have a nice thought out and rational answer for, but its these same questions that send my brain in freeze mode! I sit there are think, 'there has to be a good answer...what should i say.....what i say he'll remember and parrot, so think think think!!!'  then I hear " mum, did you hear me"!!!

So I did what I try to do to all these questions, I asked him why he thought we should say thankyou. He answered straight away with "because its a nice thing to do and it makes people smile when you do" (which I thought was such a lovely thing for him to have noticed and taken on board) but then he asks "but mum, why can't we just say thankyou"    me....."what do you mean"    stooge...."like why can't we just say thankyou and not have to explain more"

Which got me thinking again.....why is thankyou not enough? Why do we feel the need to so often add more words to create a sentence or fill an awkward silence, when sometimes we just don't need to.

So this is my new quest.
To remember that sometimes we don't need to give anymore than a thankyou. Sometimes giving a 'thankyou' can be enough and speak for itself. So long as we remember to allow others that gift of that 'smile' that Stooge was thinking of, I think we would be in a happier place and a happier world.
So I thankyou ..........

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