Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where to.....


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So christmas is over (yes Santa found our house and delivered some beautiful treasures for the kids to enjoy!) and we find ourselves looking forward to the new year.

I always find it's a weird part of the year. The so very anticipated christmas day has come and gone, we've sat around and reminised about the year just pasted, and yet we have only a few days left to think of the New year.

Think of the New Year ahead, and what we want to do with it, who we want to be with, where we want to head and what steps we need to put into place to allow all of the above to happen! It's where we try to put right the wrong we did in the past year and become a better person than we were, making promises to ourselves that sometimes we know we'll fail to keep! But that the joys of a new years resolution I guess?

Every year me and my little family choose a one/two word phrase to clarify where we want our future year to head. For example we've had the year of: Adventure, Catchup, Thrift to name a few.
So now its time for us to commit to our phrase for 2012..........the year of  'Do it'.

'Do It' means :
1. we head out on weekends and explore the beauty on our doorstep
2. allowing ourselves (together or individually), to put ourselves out there to do something we've always wanted to do (details later)
3. see parts of the world/country we've talked about and enjoy them
4. stop putting off the things we've wanted to do around the house etc that we never seem to find time to finish.......starting with our poor vegie patch! (another days story!!)
5. and generally just getting off our backsides to have fun together and explore.

We've actually made a start on this new years resolution already (as Pip has been home for a few days so we can enjoy some adventures with him). So in the 3 days he's been home so far we've walked Barrenjoey Light house and had lunch on Bilgola beach.......we've done the 3 hour bush walk around manly dam (always talked about doing) and spent the day enjoying Balmoral beach (which involves walking, fishing, swimming and of course fish and chips). The kids have been having a ball and coming home chatting and excited about the next days they crash to sleep everynight which is the added bonus for us!!

Can't wait to just 'do it' in 2012 and see where the road takes us...........
Where will your 2012 lead you, what adventures will you be taking????

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