Friday, December 30, 2011

New Life.....

I've always been a big fan of council clean ups because of what you could find. I remember growing up and my street bestie and me would scout around unheaping everyones mountains of old junk just to see what may take our find was a whole suitcase of wigs! Oh the fun we had!!!

Well I still do love a good unheaping, and I'm happy to say my children also love a good rifle through someones 'old stuff' (much to the embarrassment of Pip!!) but now I look for things that can be given a new life. Things that can perhaps become garden sculptures, or tree ornaments, or just done up to be used as intended.

My little tribe and I hit the streets last clean up only to find the best table ever!! It was the perfect square size for the kids to all sit around nobody 'has more room than the other'........and I knew all it needed was a little TLC. (I forgot to take a shot of it before, but here's one of the after)

So here's what I did.......

1. pick up table and carry it home
2. gave it a quick sanding and wash down with soapy water
3. paint legs and frame white
4. paint table top with white board paint to add some fun to table

And that's it!! So simple!!
So what would have been more land fill, has now become a great creative space for my tribe to enjoy together.  I love it....... and so do they :)

Have you given new life to something that would have otherwise been more landfill.....whats your best council clean up find???

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