Saturday, January 14, 2012

Size does matter......


I've discovered something pretty important recently that I thought was worth sharing........

Size does matter, especially when your young ........ the best example of this I can give you is when Stooge and Bib were in the play room and I've asked them to tidy it up. "But its so big" they both wail.

The feeling of being overwhelmed starts young and I believe it's our job as parents to help and teach our kids to over come this feeling that will raise it's ugly head many times as they journey through life.

I've found that saying 'go clean the playroom' is as good as saying go and move the car. They are still yet to be taught both! Yet if I say 'come and help me clean the playroom' their eager to help and don't feel so over whelmed and alone. I actually don't do any cleaning at all except for holding the relevant basket and asking for all the relevant toys,  but they have that feeling of support.

If a task is broken down into parts it can be easily managed, whether your two or 82. Start with one basket/task, finish it, then move onto the next one. The feeling of being overwhelmed can get us all throughout our journey, but if we have the right support and break it down into small steps...........anything is possible :)

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