Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lolly trick!!

One Love, One Dream, One Direction

I just knew we would get one!

You see them on RPA (medical show on TV). Pip and I have always joked how bad it would be, and have taken bets on which child would be the first........

What you ask??

The 'bead up the nose child"!!

Turns out it's our number three!
The beautiful Miss Rouge is our 'bead up the nose child' only it wasn't a bead she chose, it was a lolly! (compliments of swimming lessons!)
And she didn't do it in the quiet of our home where I could easily get the her, it was on a major freeway we were travelling home on, on which you DO NOT stop. AAHHHHH!

I had to just keep telling her to leave her nose alone and mummy would 'get it' when we got home but her little finger just couldn't resist the call of the lolly and no doubt it was feeling very strange up there, so the temptation was too great. Only problem is her little finger was assisting the lolly to travel further away from me..........needless to say it wasn't a fun mission to retrieve!

My mind kept flashing back to RPA and techniques they'd tried and luckily for me, the pinning down, bribe and tweezers method was all it took!  This time we escaped hospital, but for how long???

Whats the worst medical challenge your kids have thrown at you!!??

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  1. Too funny! It is always the way - happens when you are driving. Our worst would have to be Doo Dah falling through a window. Head out, body in. Shards of glass all around. Scary stuff! Glad Miss Rouge is okay x


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