Thursday, January 19, 2012

Out and About......

Finally some beautiful weather appears to be staying around, so what better opportunity to enjoy it than to head out with some friends and do some adventuring!

We are so lucky to live on the edge of a national park, and although it seems we are there all the time, the kids just love getting amongst it with the added thrill of what they could find ............ And surprisingly, its something different every time! Today's thrill was some beautiful leaves and a group of gum nuts :)

Being that it's a national park, what is found must stay within the park and not brought home, but they are always happy to do so with the reminder that we can put it somewhere safe and find it next time we come (funnily enough they've never re-looked for their hidden treasures)

We met up with some friends to share our 'adventure' with this morning and were luckily enough to come across some kangaroos, lizards, kookaburras and of course the ever present bush turkey!
I just love walking in the bush and am so thrilled that our kids are appreciative of  it too.

Have you found something special whilst out adventuring? Where's your favourite walking spot?

1 comment:

  1. Love that spot too! We have many great walks to enjoy around our place. How lucky are we to be on the fringes?


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