Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shorts for 3!

In an attempt to use up some of my ever growing fabric piles, (which of course means I can then buy more with no guilt!)  I thought I'd start making my kids more clothes starting with making Stooge some new shorts. I found this great pattern I'd had for a while, which makes reversible shorts, which actually suits Stooge to a tea as he does love a good dress up/self styling session.

He loves them, so much so that he decided it would be a good idea if I could make some for his two best mates too! Such a thoughtful boy!! (his are the red ones below)

So we went through the box to find what he thought was going to be the best suitable fabric for them, knowing that they have to be similar to his! Just so happened one of his mates was having a birthday so we made them for the special day.........

                                           Here's the pictures of the 3 finished products:

shorts one way

shorts the other way

Pretty happy I have to say :)

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