Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Busy!

You Know I'm No Good

What a week!

I knew it was coming, but this weeks jolt back into reality has hit hard! Its the week that our holidays as we know it came to a grinding halt and reality of every day kicked back in!

Swimming lessons are on, motor cross registration is due, lunches must be packed and cooking supplies for the weekly morning tea and afternoon tea need to be pre-planned!

Stooge has started back at preschool 2 days this year, and whist he's a pretty cruisey kid, he's a bit bummed his 'bestie is only joining him one of the days.

Bib also resumed school this week, and is very proudly a year one participant! She is happy with her teacher, but sadly only has one girl from the same class this year with her. I've tried to reassure her that the teachers only choose 'strong' kids to join new class rooms ........ it seems to be working so far (although we are only at day 2!)

I am quietly sad for her as I know that even though I know there are bigger issues in the world that are more important, she is only six. And when your six its important to have a little stability and consistency within your little world. I know she'll make new friends, and she can always meet up with her 'besties' in the playground, but I also know there will be that level of friendship she will have to almost cling to as the other girls share class time without her. { sniff poor baby!}

Me on the other hand, well I'm having a big week simply by organising  my life to allow me the joys I've promised myself! These include so far:
1. committing to the 100km Oxfam trail walk, which has meant getting my butt into gear and fitness level up, to prepare for such an event! Hence the arvo running!
2. enrolling myself into an African drumming course held in my local community.....sooo excited about
3. reading soooo much more that last year (aim was 12 in 12, but am already at 3 in 1 so may have to re-evaluate!)
4. spending some much needed and divine one on one time with the little Rouge. She has to date not enjoyed me to herself as the others got to {perils of being #3 I guess} so I'm being very conscious as to how we spend our time and making the most of our 2 days together.

Hopefully we'll all get into the groove of our new 2012 routine and what seems like busy now will simply become our norm..............

How has your week been?? Have you found your weekly 'groove' yet??

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  1. I still have no groove going on here! Working it but it is crazy. Love that you are going drumming! I have run again (the old nanna hip seems to be holding up this week!). See you soon? x


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