Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seedling joy

The kids and I have been very busy of late, creating little seedling pots and raising vegies from seed for the school fair coming up. We are officially in charge of the 'beetroot' seedlings. It feels a little daunting really, knowing that if we don't have any luck raising any, the whole fair will be beetroot free. And well that just wouldn't do cause everyone knows - 'you can't beat a root'! (sorry had to be done!)
Luckily for us there is success. Our beets are coming up nicely in the little paper pots the kids have been making, and we've even been able to transfer some into the garden to get larger for sale day.

Our budding beets have given the kids a little confidence, so now anything they eat with a seed seems to be getting saved, dried out and put in seedling mix. So far they've tried pansy's, pumpkin, tomatoes, capsicum and even feijoa! Not sure how it's all going to grow but who am I to squash garden enthusiasm. You never know, this may be the beginning of a wonderful career.

Now all we hope is for the sun to be shining on our fair day and  for the seedling stall to be a winner.

What have you grown from seeds yourself? Any tips for us??

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  1. What a great job you've done. I haven't done any seed raising in little pots for a while but the other week I thought with all the rain I would through some seeds into the veggie patch and hope for the best. The silverbeet have started to sprout and last time I tried it straight into the patch and they did well too, a perfect veggie for little ones to give a try:)


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