Monday, March 18, 2013

Blooming Drought

New Zealand is experiencing it's driest summer in 6 years. It has officially been declared in 'drought' and there are many many farmers under real threat.  According to the Minister of Finance, Bill English, this ongoing drought may slash up to $2billion off the national economy.
Today on the radio I was brought to tears listening to a wife tell how her husband had, only last week, taken his own life. The pressure he was feeling, the loss he would have endured due to this drought was just too much for him to bare - just devastating. Sadly he wasn't the first and according to the government body reporting, he won't be the last either.
I then came home and was greeted by my garden full of blooms that have been relishing in this drought. Such a bitter sweet feeling.  So I grabbed the camera and thought I'd savour what could be the only silver lining in this nations drought.

1 comment:

  1. That is so so very sad. I hope that the rain comes your way soon. Those flowers are beautiful, it is hard to see but like you say it could just be the silver lining. x


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