Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geo Fun

This week has found me home with Stooge suffering from the chicken pox. Luckily he had the vaccine when he was 18 months so only got a very mild dose,  but it still means quarantine until the spots have scabbed over.

So what a perfect time to pull out one of my 'to do' games I've had in the back of my mind for ages.
A Geo Board! It will give him a chance to be still without being bored. You have no idea how important this is for our Stooge!

First I went to the hardware and got some peg board (they only had a large sheet, so I had it cut in 3 with the the idea of using for presents later in the year perhaps)
Then I bought a packet of 2.5 cm screws with bolts and threaded them through in a grid pattern.

So for an inexpensive $8 I now have a game that everyone enjoys, is open ended (you know I love those!) and uses up all those odd rubber bands that I've collected over time.

Best $8 ever spent. It's kept them ALL busy for hours and somehow they are even able to all play and share it at the same time - who knew it was possible?
Did you have a geo board when you were young? Do you have any other 'still' games you could suggest for us?

1 comment:

  1. That is brilliant!! I don't remember having one of these but it looks very familiar...I've got to make one in the Easter holidays! Thanks for the inspiration. xx


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