Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Treasures Re-gifted

Coming from a family of 5 kids, my mum and dad were always using their heads when it came to toys and gifts for us all.
My parents noticed the lack of a dolls house in our midst and given I was the only girl for many years, they thought it the perfect present to make me one birthday. So instead of buying one, dad set himself the task of making one for me.
With my birthday deadline and the pressure of knowing this was my one big present, he spent nights  out in the garage, cutting, measuring, sanding and generally perfecting our families first dolls house.....no pressure hehe!!

I LOVED it. We LOVED it. I'm not sure exactly how much my brothers played with it, but I thought it was fantastic. I would play for hours, chatting with dolls, creating stories and plots as I went along. Furniture would be moved, reshuffled and even just not included on a daily basis.......it was great.

But then as I grew up, I lost interest and it sat dormant in the playroom. That is until Mum asked what Rouge would like for her 2nd birthday!

I suggested they could 'regift' the dolls house to her, and just buy a few new people to add to the house. Mum couldn't believe it.......'are you serious' she said. 'Do you think she'll play with it'??

Well four weeks later and the house is now in her bedroom and it has never had more attention in it's life! With all three children right into make believe, you can be sure at least one is in Rouge's room enjoying the very same stories, renovations and scenes I did all those years ago.

I have thought about painting it, but I do love the naturalness of it. The furniture is wooden, the house and roof are wooden, and even the people are made of wood........and what would I paint it anyway......white?

I love watching them play using their minds and imaginations, and I especially love knowing their enjoying the special house my dad made me.

Nothing beats re-gifted gifts :)

Do your kids play with something that used to be yours? Do you have a dolls house at your house??

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  1. Lucky I have three girls as what would I have done with the boxes of Barbie stuff, dolls clothes, books that I kept from when I was little. My dad made me a little table when I was two and it is still going strong for my girls - although they have added their own touch to it!


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